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Governor Hogan Issues Stay at Home Executive Order

Effective 8:00pm March 30, 2020, the State of Maryland has issued a “Stay at Home” Executive Order. The link to Governor Hogan’s Executive order can be found here:

During this stay at home directive, Baltimore City residents are required to stay home, unless for essential needs, listed below.

Staff and owners of businesses deemed “essential” are still allowed to travel between their homes and business, as well as to travel to and from customers for the purpose of delivering goods and services. For a list of essential businesses, please visit:

Staff and owners of businesses not deemed “essential” may travel between their homes and those non-essential businesses to maintain minimal operations, as well as to travel to and from customers for the purpose of delivering goods. More details about travel for staff of non-essential businesses can be found in the text of the executive order:

Essential needs include:

  • Obtaining necessary supplies or services for one’s self, family, pets or livestock;

  • Groceries, supplies for household consumption, supplies and equipment needed to work from home, laundry, and products needed to maintain safety, sanitation, and essential maintenance

  • Medical, behavioral health, or emergency services, including obtaining medication or medical supplies

  • Transportation of a family member, friend, pet or livestock in another household to obtain essential health and safety needs, supplies, and services

  • Traveling to and from an educational institution for the purpose of receiving meals or instructional materials for distance learning

  • Engaging in outdoor exercise activities, including walking, hiking, running or biking or walking your pet, in compliance with social distancing guidance issues by the Centers for Disease Control

  • Maintain at least 6 feet of separation while outdoors

  • Wash hands frequently or use an alcohol based sanitizer

  • If you are feeling sick, stay home

  • Travel required by a law enforcement officer or court order

  • Traveling to and from a local, state or federal government building for a necessary purpose

Gatherings of 10 or more for any reason remains banned.

Per the Stay At Home directive, a person who knowingly and willfully violates this order is guilty of a misdemeanor and on conviction is subject to imprisonment not exceeding one year or a fine not exceeding $5,000 or both.



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By Authority: Friends of Leon Pinkett, Andre Ferrell, Treasurer